It’s Just a Matter of Time!


JOHN 15:1-8

We are now living in a world that demands instant delivery. It is no longer a push button world,  but a “siri” world. We want to make are demands into our phones and see instant results. We cannot tolerate delays. We want everything now. We want our books delivered to our kindle, we want to see the photos immediately and you better answer my text quickly.

As a child I remember my Grandmother telling me the story of the turtle and the rabbit. My cousins and I were always arguing over who was the rabbit, after all he was faster. As I grew older the metaphor remained inspiring. Faster, quicker, the sooner you can produce then you will be rewarded and the faster the better.

No one wanted to be the turtle. Slow, not very exciting, he just didn’t make things happen. He was always there and you always knew he would be there but it took him a while to get there. You could count on him, but he just wasn’t fast enough.

Now if you know the story you remember that it was the turtle who won the race. The speedy rabbit never made to the finish line.

Every where I look there are books or blogs telling me how to get a graduate degree online in six months. How you can become a spiritual giant over night, just repeat after me and send me twenty dollars.

However, this portion of Scripture calls us to understand a “mindset of longevity.” We bear fruit and then we persevere and faithfully continue, and we will bear more fruit. If we remain steadfast, ultimately we will bear even more fruit.

I truly do not want to steal your enthusiasm or your passion. But the message is here: It’s longevity that matters! Time is on your side. Sooner or later faithfulness and consistency produce fruit, then more fruit, then much more fruit.

It just a matter of time!