For we are His workmanship… Ephesians 2:10

When Paul uses this word it brings back lots of memories to me. My Dad was a carpenter, a craftsman really! I can remember many people speaking about his “workmanship.”

I still have several pieces of furniture that my Dad built through his life. Besides the great memories that they stir up, they are fine expressions of his craft and his workmanship.

Several years ago I was looking into the Greek and discovered that the word that we translate “workmanship” is poiema, from which we get our english word “poem.” When you place that word into the context of what Paul is saying it really makes you think differently about yourself.

We are His “poetry”!

As I sit at Dad’s desk this morning I am overwhelmed with the workmanship, the poetry that is revealed in his work. As I look at my hands, I am overwhelmed with the poetry of my Heavenly Father.

There is a rhythm and a rhyme to our lives! Jesus replaces the disharmony with harmony. He has put a symmetry into our souls.

As others encounter me I hope that they recognize the “workmanship” of the Father. The work of grace that is revealing the “poetry” of the Trinity. I am trusting that others can sense that my heart is in tune with the heartbeat of my Heavenly Father. That not only me but that “we” are God’s artistic expression. His “workmanship”. His “poetry”.