Christians carried on the Druids’ understanding that the Devil was frustrated by anything that had no end, no break, no entrance, because they knew that God is never ending both in time and in love, and the Three Selves within God form an ever encircling Presence. One of the chief rites of the sun-worship of pagan Celts was to turn sunrise in order to entice the sun to bless their crops. The Christians said, in effect, “The Creator of the sun is now among us. We will continue to circle our crops, but now we do it in the name of the Sun of Suns.
    This is not magic; it is an expression of the reality of the encircling Presence of God. To say the Caim or Circling Prayer stretch our your arm and index finger and turn sunrise calling for the Presence to encircled the person
Circle me, Lord.
Keep love within me, keep strive without.
keep hope within, keep despair without;
keep peace within, keep harm without.