“….you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” Col. 3:12 

My Grandma Jesse was simply the kindest person I have ever known. I remember asking her one day why she had shown kindness to a lady who had degraded her because she was a Native American. She answered my question with this story: 

There was an old man who carried a little can of oil with him everywhere he went, and when he passed through a door that squeaked, he would put a little oil on the hinges of the door. If a gate was hard to open, he oiled the latch.

Many people called him odd, weird, and cranky, but nothing stopped the old man from refilling his little can when it became empty and continually oiling the hard places that he found. Grandma Jesse said he spent his whole life putting oil on all the hard places and making it easier for those who came after him.

We know people whose lives squeak and rub harshly against others as they live day by day. Nothing seems to go right for them. They need the oil of gladness, gentleness, or thoughtfulness. 

I am continually to reminded of Grandma’s little story and I try to carry an oil can with me. I must be ready with the oil of helpfulness, goodness and kindness to those who are nearest to me. The oil of happiness will go a long way in helping some one who is down hearted. How about the oil of courage for the discouraged soul. 

Maybe we all should carry a little oil can with us.  Your life, my life will cross many other lives, maybe only once, but once might be enough to give strength to a weary soul. 

One act of kindness could change the course of a life. 

A kind word, a word of encouragement spoken at the right moment is a huge shot of sunshine on a sad and lonely heart. 

“We cannot know the grief

That men may borrow;

We cannot see the souls 

Storm-swept by sorrow;

But love can shine upon the way

Today, tomorrow; 

Let us be kind.

Upon the wheel of pain so many weary lives are


We live in vain who give no other token. 

Let us be kind.” (unknown)

“Be kindly affections to one another with brotherly love.” (Romans 12:10)