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Decide and Declare….

We all handle hundreds of decisions every day — dress or pants, ceral or pancakes, coffee or tea, this project or that, shopping or banking, park here or there, and so on. If we really knew how many decisions and details we attend to each day, we’d be overwhelmed. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed even without knowing the exact number! But few decisions are more important than this one: what words we use with those around us. Even on our busiest day, we can find time to say, “Great jobb!” , “What a lovely dress”, “Thank you!” , and most important of all “I love you!” Remember to keep live and love at the top of the list of decisions you have to make each day. You’ll be happier, and others will too.

Job 22:28 You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways.

We forget all to easily that our words are the very vehicle of life, death, power, etc…. The Creator created with words, heals with words, He Himself is “the Word.” Once we decide to follow the “Word” and to “decree or speak” the Word our lives will be established and favor shall shine…. Most of our lives are spent vacillating between our decision of His Word or another.

We are surrounded by a culture who has the idea that everyone has the rights to “interpret” or “think” on their own …. perhaps we should merely “follow” the Word! Even Jesus submitted to what He “heard and saw the Father doing.” You might be wondering yeah but how do I “hear and see” or “who do I watch and listen.”

Well for me “God is Love”…. Love always recognizable…. Let us Follow the Words of Love!!!! Lets declare the words of love.