ADVENT … Walk in the Light!

Isaiah 2:5 “…come let us walk in the Light of the Lord”

God the Father wasn’t content to send a message of healing to the human family. His love was so great that he sent us his Son.

The coming of Jesus revealed both God’s will and destiny for every man and woman. He  gave himself as both the unchanging sign of this destiny and the means of achieving it.

Awaiting the Lord’s return is not a matter of hoping against all odds that we might live eternally with him. Rather it means living now the assurance that God will bring to fruition the true purposes of his Son’s coming.

All who share life with Christ become the fruit of the earth, for they possess the same beauty and glory as Christ.

And knowing that Christ will bring to fulfillment on his return all that his birth initiated should bring us “rejoicing to the house of the Lord” (Psalm 122: 1).